A heartbroken photo

A man carries a child into a makeshift hospital after Tuesday's attack in Idlib province.

This is a photo from CNN’s report http://www.cnn.com/2017/04/04/middleeast/idlib-syria-attack/index.html. I am too sad to say more about this photo per se.

People make irrational decisions when they are in a hysterical conditions, like wars. A was itself is bad enough, So I am not too surprised if it get worse, e.g. chemical weapon.

Millions years of evolution plus thousands years of social development lead us to what we are now (which is not easy), so that we are a distance from hunger, violence and brutality, and could enjoy the rationalism, freedom, and pursue what we like. However, if people take it for granted without delicate care of what we are enjoying, things can go wrong so easily. A war immediately brings us back to millions of years ago, but even more brutal and devastating, with the intelligence and technology advancement we accumulated (ironically enough).

When humanity is gone, ugly is the rest.

Blessings to who are suffering.




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